Thoughts on Boston

I had hoped to post about our members thoughts and practices related to earth day this week. What I didn’t do was take the time to check to see if that would be a reasonable source of material.

Not. One. Single. Post.

Your blogs lend themselves to be a mirror for your most important decisions, reflections, and questions. It is on your sites that you expose who you really are, aspire to be, and the things you learn in between.

With that in mind, I thought I’d lend space to the subject that deserved the focus of this eventful first update in a few months – reactions to the tragic events from last week at the Boston Marathon.

Grace was just down Boylston street in Boston when tragedy struck. She describes her reaction in a very transparent way, showing that we are not always equipped nor conditioned to process events like this. Later in the week she shares some comforting words from friends about the tragedy.

Susie encourages us all to continue to act positively

Hari-kirtana hopes that yoga can give us some perspective on the world but can’t help but wonder “what the hell is wrong with people?”

We hope you find comfort in your practice and can use it to comfort and empower others. Here’s to what yoga can bring to the aftermath of a tragic event like this.Has yoga helped you or others process a tragedy or bring meaning in the wake of a tragic event?

– Om on.

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