Below are several logos for member use. In order to be listed on the blog roll, one of the logos must be visible on the site and link back to http://yiomsite.com.  Note that the last two on this page are transparent and thus should fit in with any blog color scheme, though I will say one of them has been giving me mild fits on a dark background.  I will be reworking those two (again).  If you need help with the coding to add the link back, let me know.  I don’t recommend using the graphic directly from this site, because then when ipage is screwy, you’ll lose your graphic.  If you have any interest in designing other logos (as a community gesture), please let me know!

If you need assistance with the html coding, check out this google doc.

Originals of the last three are about 20% bigger, so when you save, you’ll have a bigger image and can adjust on your page down to this size or bigger as needed.

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