Is Your Blog a Perfect Fit for the YIOM Blog Network?

We would love to have you join us in YIOM – Yoga Inspired Online Movement!

Please review the requirements below and then submit your request for addition to the blogroll.

Requirements for joining this blogroll (by submitting your information and clicking “I agree,” you are agreeing that you do meet the requirements for enrollment):

1. This blog roll is for blogs “about” yoga. This can include blogs about any type or style of yoga (including meditation, pranayama, etc.), yoga history, yoga philosophy, yoga experiences, and so on. We only ask that more than 1/2 of the blog posts somehow obviously relate back to yoga.

2. Because the goal here is to connect bloggers, business sites generally will not be approved.  If you have a blog that has a page talking about the yoga classes you teach, that’s fine.  But, if the primary purpose of the site appears to be support of a commercial business, rather than blogging about yoga, your entry will likely be declined.

2. You must have at least three postings on your blog and also have had your blog for at least two weeks. If you fill out the form before that time, you will be asked to wait and resubmit the form at the appropriate time.

3. Your blog must be set to public access, and must be almost entirely in the English language. If your blog is not in English, send me an email and we will see what can be worked out.

4. You will need to add the coding to your blog for the blog network image and link (you will have to add this prior to being added). This will include a small picture and link back to the blog network site.  You can also display member blogs on a blogroll page if you would like..  The image and link needs to be displayed on your blog somewhere that it can easily be found. Since I do check up on all the blogs on the blogroll periodically — I need to be able to find it. I will look around, but if I can’t find it, your blog will be removed from the list.

5. You will need to post to your blog at least once per calendar month.

6. I reserve the right to decline a blog based on its content, even if it meets other requirements. This does not happen often, so please do not feel that your blog is going to be “judged.” But, it is possible.  If I decline your site, I will let you know why so that we can consider whether there is any way to reach an agreement.

7. Anyone whose sign up has been in the queue list for joining for over a month and hasn’t installed the code by that time will have their sign up deleted from the queue. If your sign up email has been deleted and you contact me about joining again, you will be asked to fill out the sign up (below) again.

To join, please fill out the sign up form below. You will be contacted via email within approximately two weeks.


Your Name

Your Email

Your Website

Site Description

Twitter ID you would like listed on YIOM (if any)

I agree to the conditions listed above and request that my site be considered for inclusion in YIOM.

Thank you!

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