Jan 28th – Feb 3rd

Happy Friday sweet readers! Believe it or not, February is upon us. The month of LOVE. I used to hate February, especially when I was single and had not a single rose waiting for me when I got home. But now, I have a whole new perspective on this delicious month. You see, the month of love isn’t implying you are lesser than those in a relationship. Rather, this month reminds us to love everyone that’s in our lives, the people that pull us up AND down. The people that we love inspires us to be the best we can be. And the people that drive us nutty keeps us humble and brings out the things we still need to work on in ourselves. Everyone we encounter is a lesson of love. How will you celebrate??

As you ponder, go read some of our awesome bloggers!

Up first, we have Bee from Beeyond Yoga sharing with us how juicing is much like yoga and her experience with Stretch for Survivors.

Let your love SHINE this February with Capricious Yogi.

Learn a little lesson about paying attention with Grace.


Eve asks us for our thoughts on humility while Faern continues to share with us her beautiful Untapped pictures

Go to the Curious World of L for blogs that are beautifully poetic and insightful

And on the other side we have Jennifer at Flowtation Devices and her knack of drawing us into her delightful stories with titles such as “Burpees, planks, and a port de bras” and “Chaos in my Bra“.

Hari Kirtana Das cleverly related the Bhagavad-gita with the Super Bowl.

Kat reviewed Steve Gold’s “let your heart be known” and Yoga Flavored life reviewed “when the body says no”.


Thais shared big news with us as well as what spirituality means to her.


Amy asked us her thoughts on the controversial new book The Science of Yoga and gave us her experience of returning back to her asana practice.


Sharon from MamasteNJ wished us a happy February and Elizabeth gave us insight as to why she loves being a yoga teacher, even if she can’t do the “sparkly stuff”.


Sheri wrote about how she eased her nerves of teaching by letting go while Megan discussed establishing a home practice.


Think Body Electric gave us a fabulous post praising a local yoga teacher.

A real deep post about tuning in and touching down can be found at TouchstoneZ.

I love this quote from Tree of Yoga in her blog post on Body Talk “For me, the words, the practice, the breath, the body…are celebration of nothing in particular except this moment right here. Bow down to your verbs, your pronouns, adverbs and the mighty adjectives..give them space to surprise you and express you. “

Serve up some Self-Compassion with Nourishing Origins.

Kendall gave us a low down of her weekend and her Chia Joos Reboot diet


The Vegan Asana shared a delicious looking vegan chocolate cupcakes recipe and blogged about her dislike of huge heart openers.

From Yoga and Soul you can review Nadine Fawell’s yogAttitude cards and watch a video on power yoga.

Learn about the sixth, seventh and eighth limbs of yoga from Loo over at Yoga Betty.

At Yoga for the Long Run you can read about goal setting and its yogic application

Beth blogged about how she kept her cool during her 4pm “witching hour”, her January photo challenge and a spinach chickpeas recipe.

Yogitastic is taking the plunge and going alcohol free for the month of February. Go support her and learn how to handle non-alcohol drinking friends.

Crystal alerted her readers about her blog post on YIOM.

And over at YogaLifeWay told us a pretty exciting secret.

Enjoy your weekend of love!!!


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2 Responses to Jan 28th – Feb 3rd

  1. Yay for the love month! I’m probably going to eat dark chocolate and chat up with far away friends 🙂 I tell them all the time that I love and care, so Valentine’s isn’t a huge deal anymore. <3

  2. Rash says:

    Hmmm. I’m not really a fan of the “month of love” for various reasons.:-) But in any case, thanks for giving me food for thought!

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