Jan 14th – 20th

The big news of the week was the battle between large internet companies and the government as people around the world protested the new bills, PIPA and SOPA from being passed. If you haven’t heard the news, I highly recommend learning the facts about what is being proposed and what you can do to help resist the passage of the bill here.

But here on YIOM, it was just another week in January. Reading through these wonderful blogs, I noticed there was a peaceful feeling to them all. A quiet power of tranquility. It’s truly beautiful. So grab a cup of tea and enjoy this week’s YIOM review!

The Capricious Yogi posted three blog posts this week, beautiful advice’s from a tree, a plea to stop talking and practice more yoga, and the benefits of yoga

The Humble Yogini herself has a new column she’s excited to share with us

Bee wrote a beautiful ode to the sun and the opening of new opportunities and Georgia shared insight of her love of the ocean.

At 5 Minute Yoga, learn how yoga wrecked Eve’s life

Jennifer from Flowtation Devices shared her personal stories of swimming, dancing, and sitting.

Graceful Simplicity blogged about the cutest little brown ba

Bram got a very curious visit

Keishua reclaimed her power

YogaDawd raised some really valid points about yoga ads and videos

Heather at Namaste Heather shared her two cents about the NY Times yoga article

Kendall wrote about meal planning, experimenting with pulp, and down dogging

At Living in the (k)now, Thais shared her awful experience with restorative yoga, her discovery of cleanses, and a guest post from on holding your space

Hari Kirtana Das ever so eloquent, gave us insight into his 2012 intention.

Learn about the health benefits of green tea over at A PHD In Yoga.

Emily shared with us her own cleanse, Sheri made a new discovery about the power of attitude, and Megan wrote about one of her favorite mudras.

Want some articles on mindful parenting and the likes? Then head over to TouchstoneZ blog post here and here.

Read a pretty raw article at Tree of Yoga here, or learn about creating a home yoga practice, and the life of an introvert

At the Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom you can enter a Vita Coco water giveaway and read a short but sweet post on Martin Luther King

Head over to the Vegan Asana’s blog to read about how to eat vegan around the world

Learn about your dark side at Yoga Flavored Life.

Suze blogged about January, Yoga Geek highlighted a yoga teacher and Rash shared a video blog on a 5 year regret

Yoga Betty had a busy week!! Read her MLK mantra, catch her webinar and see her response to the NY Times yoga article

Crystal wrote about one of my personal favorites restorative poses

Izabela reviewed a vegan restaurant and a recipe for vegan chocolate almond cups (yum!!)

And last but definitely not least, send supportive love to Yogitastic and her February alcohol abstinence



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