Feb 4th – 10th

A lot of yogic drama has been circulating the web sphere and I don’t know about you but I simply don’t allow myself to get riled up in it. Every community has its share of problems, we are all humans and yogis are just as susceptible to misconduct as the rest of them. But personally, yoga for me is more than just a group of individuals who enjoy the same experience. Yoga is about MY experience. And as I watch life unfold around me, I keep my focus on my breath, my body, and what I can do to become a better individual.

The yogis and yoginis that post for YIOM have dedicated time out of their day each week to share with you their own experiences. Let’s go explore the stories shall we?

Yoga Geek wrote about partner yoga in honor of February, and announced the start of her podcast project. It’s pretty awesome let me tell you so go check it out and support her!

Over at Yoga for the Long Run you can read about setting goals the yogic way.

An endearing post about how to find boundless joy can be read at Yoga Flavored Life as well as what to do when your identity shifts.

If you’re a baker you’ll definitely want to stop by Yogini Self Portrayal and learn how to make carrot chocolate protein cake and you while you’re there definitely catch the cutest picture of a pup.

Yogi Crystal answered some big questions such as “what fulfills you” and “what’s your greatest fear”.

Jennifer from Yoga Life Way makes peace with God via Lieutenant Dan and shares some of the awesome posts she’s been writing for the Elephant Journal.

f you want an excellent personal story about one of the many yoga dramas going around you’ll want to read Tree of Yoga’s Satya and Yoga Scandals blog post.

Zoie wrote a beautiful letter to her kids and shared a post she wrote for the Family Size Blog Carnival.

Over at Think Body Electric you can read about Kripalu’s scandal a few years back and how it made the community stronger than ever.

Sheri blogged about how she took her yoga off the mat while Yoga Betty decided to incorporate the sutras more into her life and taught us how to revolve our hearts.

Catch some inspiring daily affirmations on Andrea’s blog and have a girl’s night out with Beth (not forgetting to send out some valentine’s day card while you’re at it!)

Kendall, busy as ever, blogged about finding her teaching grove, missing her running routine, her thoughts on Madonna, and some tips for the Super Bowl.

Flissy reminded us that you can’t cheat your practice.

I loved this post on grounding in times of uncertainty from Nourishing Origins. This quote really stood out “The only way to truly find the answers we seek is to allow the space to open for them in our minds”.

Heather wrote about yoga prayers and her renewed faith and Faern discussed how to work with the void in our lives

At Everyday Yoga you learn how to be a better person (who doesn’t want that right!)

The Curious World of L is moving!!!

Discover the small but amazing wonders of this life with Grace at Graceful Simplicity.

Dance and drum your way through life with Flowtation Devices.

Thais wrote about her love for physical asana, as long as it doesn’t take away from the true intention of yoga and asked the question of how to become spiritual.

Read Amanda’s review of The Professor’s Assassin by Matthew Pearl and read The Capricious Yogi’s guest post on Yoganonymous about Letting Go.

Catch a short but powerful blurb on breathing over at the Blissful Yogi and Bee shared her love for Juil as well as how to tame the inner critic.

We have three fabulous new additions this week! Please welcome Danielle from Body Divine Yoga, Sarah from The Search of Ananda and Farida over at Yoga in All Things. We currently have 66 members and growing!

One thing last, if you haven’t noticed we’ve been trying to make YIOM more accessible for you. Not only do we have a facebook page and a twitter account, but we also set it up so you can receive our weekly reviews right to your inbox! Just add your email address to our subscribe box on the right and make sure you confirm and voila! YIOM comes to you!


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  1. Wonderful wrap up! I’m looking forward to some great reads.

  2. Grace says:

    Checking out some of the new blogs now:)

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