Feb 25th – Mar 2nd

Spring came early for us in the mid-Atlantic, hitting highs of 68 degrees on the first day of March. Quite a way to start the month! March is not just about the anticipating of the on coming warm weather. It’s also a time of taking off the layers, peeling off the weight of winter and seeing the light. The work that you’ve been developing all winter is starting to come to fruition and by golly does it feel good to feel the warmth of the sun on my cheeks!

YIOMers this past week blogged about a wide variety of topics from awesome recipes I must try to leap day reflections. It is an honor to introduce you the blog review for the week!

Body Divine Yoga delved deep into tantra yoga and why sexuality matters

The Capricious Yogi reminded us that you don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga and celebrated the coming of spring by highlighting important March dates

The Humble Yogini used leap day as a day of retrospection

Amanda weekly zen-ed her way through a review of The Technologists by Matthew Pearl

Bee beyonded us with her raw kale and blood orange recipe, advised us on how to leap into uncertainty, and gave us an opportunity to enter a giveaway!

The Blissful Yogini broke down tree pose for us and Bram reminded us how to stay sane in a world of crazy politics

Tap into gratitude over at The Curious World of L and learn how to be at ease as the story unfolds

Faern opened us into her world of drawing and did a little reflection on “leap

Go to Flowtation Devices for some lessons in 5Rhythms, laughing, heel clicking, and tai chi

Hari Kirtana Das philosophized about illusions and reality while Michelle at Glow Green Glow posted a delicious quinoa mushroom black bean burger recipe

We certainly missed The Hip Yogini and super glad she came back for a quick update on her life

Learn how to fly in ardha chandrasana over at Five Minute Yoga

Read about learning the truth of your heart at Lineage Yoga

Thais discussed her desire to stop wanting to many things and shared a quote

Mamaste NJ said YES to life

Go to My Creative Fling to check out Lynette’s beautiful new blog look

Nourishing Origins blogged about her kripalu eating experience

The Om Chantress is now going to be teaching at Awaken Wellness in Columbia MD! If you’re in the area definitely check her out!

Kendall wrote about what to do when a yoga class isn’t working for you and how to work on increasing your running speed

Check out some yummy dark leafy greens at Sattva Sutras

Get a quick teacher training update from Sarah here

Reminding us to go back to the basics of yoga, read Think Body Electric’s post here

Zoie shared with us some of her favorite posts of the week

Over at Tree of Yoga, we can read about what it really means to be “healthy”

Go to Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom to discuss leap day deals, summer camp 4am wake up calls, and staying away from germs

Yoga Betty broke is down for us on yoga self acceptance

Never? Moderation? What’s your take? Read about it at Yogitastic

The Vegan Asana shared a yummy cumin eggplant edamame rice and a discourse on how to treat ourselves a little better

Yoga Geek blogged about men’s yoga fashion and you can read a touching letter to a heartbreaker on Yoga in all Things

Go Hanuman crazy with Jennifer and share a smile with Mr. Potato heads cake pop (for a good cause too!)

And lastly, we have two new members join the community! Please give a warm welcome to Leigh from My BIkram Yoga Life, Ntathu from Yoga Inspires, and Fiona from A Quest for Peace

~ Teeg

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