Feb 11th – 17th

Hello yoginis! The theme I noticed going through the blogroll was not surprising, Valentine’s Day is a great topic to write about! Whether you are “for” it or “against” it, the day of love made a splash in YIOM.

Go to Chakra’s blog to read the sweet story of a beautiful friendship.

Bee, touring NYC for Fashion Week, blogged about forgiveness and how she merged yoga and fashion.

At Capricious Yogi’s blog you can read about how to embrace both the good and bad days, the lesson of loosening the hard gaze, and what she’s learned as a yoga teacher.

Erin from Happy Om Happy Home came back from the dead (ok, not DEAD but very long hiatus) to share with us a beautiful quote

Jennifer shared 14 things she loves in honor of the day of love

Eve asked the fabulous question – Are some yoga poses lemons? She also advised on how to make those poses into lemonade

Thais brought some of her favorite old posts back in her Blast From Past series

Amy asked us to find love after Valentine’s day and shared a video of making love viral.

Over at MamasteNJ we learned why we should say thanks to our exs and making believe

Construction is still going on at My Creative Fling.

On An Inhale blogged about a quinoa recipe, wishing her readers a happy Valentine’s, her wedding plans, and a little tip.

Tree of Yoga found her Tadasana and Sheri connected with her own teaching style.

Zoie shared five things she’s grateful for and how she’s living a life of respect

Lorin wrote the difficulties of practicing ahimsa with our bodies and how to go meatless in an omnivore family

Make your way over to Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom to drool over heart shaped foods, take a stand against cancer and her views of John Friend’s step down from Anusara.

Rash brought a old newspaper yoga article back from the past.

Betty invited us to a heart to heart and also invited us to a little wiggle wiggle session.

Yogi Crystal wrote a touching letter about dealing with hate through yoga and Yogistastic showed us how to start a healthier path and answers the tough question of “who am I”.

Another delicious Valentine’s Day recipe can be found on Izabela’s blog.

Yoga Geek asks us to keep our heart open on the day of love.

Find out how yoga and muslim go hand in hand over at Yoga in all Things.

Yoga Life Way gave a shout out to Adele.

Read about compassionate listening as well as learning the boundaries of how far you should go at Yoga Flavoured Life.

~ Teeg

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  1. Another wonderful summary. Thank you, T!

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