Dec 24th – 30th

It was a pretty quiet week for our YIOM bloggers. I think everyone is still in a food coma from the holiday festivities!

To no one’s surprise, this week’s theme throughout the blogging world revolved around the New Year. Whether you are for or against resolutions, you cannot deny the sense of hope in the air for a brand new year. The last week of December is a great time to reflect on the past year and look at what we want to accomplish for the new year. An amazing variety of posts here at YIOM is just a click away so without further ado~

Beautiful Bee reminded us the importance acceptance and kindness in setting intentions as well as highlighted poses she wants to work on in 2012.

Ray at Everyday Yoga gave us a raw post and showed us how great it is to get “mushy” in the new year.

Kat Saks reviewed Nada Shoes.

Faern continued to show us pictures from her Untapped extragavanza.

Jennifer from Flowtation Devices gave us insight to her Christmas celebrations by documenting her beautiful decorations and Christmas Day (sick and all looks like she had a great day!)

Thais wrote about the Buddhist teaching of the second arrow and related her increase bingeing to being internet free.

Over at Me and Les Girls, Elizabeth philosophized about new year’s resolutions and letting go. It’s a powerful post definitely make sure to check it out!

YogaDawg posted a snippet of a movie and brought back the yoga douche

Kendall from On An Inhale gave us her weekend highlights, decided to take her workouts up a notch, and blogged about the top three things she’s in love with this week.

Learn about mandala meditation from Sheri at Sheri’s Yoga Musings

At Think Body Electric you can read about an interesting discussion of yoga teachers with guns.

Zoie is learning how to handle a technology free life (we do miss you!!)

A sweet wish over at Yoga and Soul made my day

Jennifer from Yoga Life Way wrote very raw, honest, beautiful posts in honor of #reverb11. Check them all out here (that one post brought tears to me eyes!)

Lorin shared her wonderfully deep insight on gratitude

Kelly wished us a belated Merry Christmas and reviewed some of her yoga gifts

Get a quick overview of Izabela’s Christmas celebrations here

Over at Ups and Down’s of a Yoga Mom you can learn tips for having a successful trip to winter wonderfest and catch her review of 2011.

Enjoy a fun list of top songs for Stefanie here as well as a review of her 2011.

And lastly go wander around Yoga Geek’s site for some holiday recovery yoga and her own Final Reverb of 2011.

Enjoy the last review of YIOM for 2011. 2011 was a big year for us, the year of our inception, and we look forward to another year of yoga insights and love.

~ Teeg

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  1. Rash says:

    Hi Lorin,

    Thank you so much for the mentions…and for the YIOM network. I truly appreciate your work.

    Kind regards,

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