This page is the home site of the YIOM – Yoga Inspired Online Movement – network of blogs.

YIOM (Get it?  – “Why I OM”) is a collective of blogs devoted, at least in large degree, to sharing the practice of yoga. Initially, YIOM was conceived as a one month long celebration of yoga blogging. But, due to very positive response, the member bloggers and I decided to extend it into a year-round network of blogs.

YIOM blog posts may be about asana, meditation, philosophy, experiences, yoga types, yoga history, Sanskrit scholarship, etc. and can focus on any type or style of yoga. Our goal is to share yoga with one another and with others, to illuminate the full range of yoga possibilities that go far beyond the stereotyped “yoga butt” seeking gym enthusiast to a process of creating peace, unity, and oneness through the practice.

The YIOM network provides a resource for anyone looking for a blog about yoga and also helps yoga bloggers to find one another and facilitates community posting and exchange of ideas. You can find a list of participating blogs in our blogroll on this page. If you are interested in submitting your blog to this network, please click on the “join YIOM” link above.


YIOMsite was created by Lorin, aka TheVeganAsana.  You can also find her work on The VeganAsana and catch up with her on twitter at @theveganasana.

The site is currently maintained by Jenni and Michael from ElateYoga.

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  1. Thais says:

    EXCELLENT LO!!!!!!! Ah this is such a good idea and I cannot wait to link it up to my bloggety blog!

  2. I LOVE IT! You’re amazing 🙂 Thank you for taking this all on!

  3. Terra says:

    I am so excited for this site! This is going to be wonderful:-) Thank you:-)